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Anonymous asked: Have you ever rimmed a guy? And what do you think of rimming in general (both giving and receiving)?

What a question before breakfast… So I’ve done a lot of fun things with butts… I’m pretty much into most things booty related as long as it’s clean and consensual. *IF* I was picking favorite spots, there’s prob a lot of other areas a would want to put my mouth on first. My butt tastes pretty cool though ;)

In Relief of Silence and Burden


I will not write his name. I will not speak his name. I will try not to think his name.

I saw the young man’s video, and the first thing I felt, god forgive me, was pity for this broken man child and his grotesque narcissism and his naked hatred of women, of himself.

We live in a world where…

"California is where little girls go to be big movie stars. Some of them end up in strip alley,…" #nakedladyhistory #teasers

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Anonymous asked: I'm a DMAB agender person who presents femininely. I don't know who else to ask, but are there companies who want this sorta person to do cam shows? I'm sick of not being able to reflect who I am at a job even slightly.

That really sucks that you can’t be yourself at work - big, big hugs to you. Webcamming can be a job that allows you to present your gender and sexuality as you wish. You get to be your own boss in a chat room - choose your own name, clothes, toys, and actions/conversations that you want to participate in. What brings you the most money can influence all of that, depending on the clientele you attract and what your financial goals are. For me it felt the best to bring a lot of myself into my cam shows, and that brought me a great group of clients that clicked with my identity and personality. Other people enjoy having an online persona. And you can always blend the two as much as you like -cause you are your own boss! Most webcam companies do not discern who joins their website, so how you ID or present is a non issue for getting started. It’s all about who you can connect with and bring into your chat room to make it financially viable for yourself. I personally recommend - it is run by a bad-ass, bay area, queer babe named Kathleen. And the people who visit the site for the most part have been super sweet and open. I want to note that I recognize the privilege I have as a cis femme woman in the webcamming arena. Webcamming is a really tough gig (prob the hardest sex work job I’ve ever had) - it is a community that is pretty sexually open. But not everyone is coming from a sex/gender educated place…questions about your personal sex life and identity can be really intense. But it can also create some really fascinating conversations and experiences. If it’s something you are really interested in there definitely ways to operate that can that feel safe and fun for you. I hope that is helpful. Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions. Best of luck! Xo


Of the genius waitress, I now sing.

Of hidden knowledge, buried ambition, and secret sonnets scribbled on cocktail napkins; of aching arches, ranting cooks, condescending patrons, and eyes diverted from ancient Greece to ancient grease; of burns and pinches and savvy and spunk; of a uniquely American woman living a uniquely American compromise, I sing. I sing of the genius waitress.

Okay, okay, she’s probably not really a genius. But she is well-educated. She has a degree in Sanskrit, ethnoastronomy, Icelandic musicology, or something equally valued in contemporary marketplace. Even if she could find work in her chosen field, it wouldn’t pay beans—so she slings them instead. (The genius waitress is not to be confused with the aspiring-actress waitress, so prevalent in Manhattan and Los Angeles and so different from her sister in temperament and I.Q.)

As a type, the genius waitress is sweet and sassy, funny and smart; young, underestimated, fatalistic, weary, cheery (not happy, cheerful: there’s a difference and she understands it), a tad bohemian, often borderline alcoholic, frequently pretty (though her hair reeks of kitchen and bar); as independent as a cave bear (though ever hopeful of “true love”) and, above all, genuine.
Covertly sentimental, she fusses over toddlers and old folks, yet only fear of unemployment prevents her from handing an obnoxious customer his testicles with his bill.

She doesn’t mind a little good-natured flirting, and if you flirt with verve and wit, she may flirt back. Never, however, never try to impress her with your resume. Her tolerance for pretentious Yuppies ends with her shift, sometimes earlier. She reads men like a menu and always knows when she’s being offered leftovers or an artificially inflated soufflé.

Should you ever be lucky enough to be taken home by her to that studio apartment with the jerry-built bookshelves and Frida Kahlo posters, you will discover that whereas in the public dining room she is merely as proficient as she needs to be, in the private bedroom she is blue gourmet virtuoso. Five stars and counting! Afterward, you can discuss chaos theory or the triple aspects of the mother goddess in universal art forms—while you massage her swollen feet.

Eventually, she leaves food service for graduate school or marriage; but unless she wins a grant or a fair divorce settlement, chances are she’ll be back, a few years down the line, reciting the daily specials with her own special mixture of warmth and ennui.

Erudite emissary of eggs over easy, polymath purveyor of polenta and prawns, articulate angel of apple pie, the genius waitress is on duty right now in hundreds of U.S. restaurants, smile at the ready, sauce on the side. So brush up on your Schopenhauer, place your order—and tip, mister, tip. She deserves a break today.

Of her, I sing.



Tom Robbins

Playboy, 1991

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Today is international Secretary’s Day! Mr. Mark has been my kinky best boss and supporter for over 3years, and today is our favorite holiday! To celebrate I put on my sluttiest office wear and got ready to take good dictation for our ‘Hard At Work’ themed Skype show. We were alllllll business and I had allllll the orgasms. Plus I’m expecting 3 big packages via Royal Mail to keep the celebration going all week long - Mr. Mark sure knows how to treat his Secretary. #bestjobever!

Thank you Boss for another amazing time. And cheers to everyone Hard At Work today!

Your kinky Secretary

*FYI we are always accepting sexy intern applications *



i like girls who look like they kill people for a living


Me too.

"Sex workers should not be expected to defend the existence of sex work in order to have the right to do it free from harm."


Melissa Gira Grant

As quoted in a Washington Post blog about her book “Playing the Whore”

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I’m getting this tattooed on my forehead. Tomorrow. In time for my Fuckass Feminist Theories class.

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Maxine Holloway is your SCHOOL SLUT!

The Spring 2014 semester is now in session - I’ve been studying hard and I want to take you to school with me!

As many of you know, I started my masters in Public Health last semester. I am focusing my studies on sexual health and sex workers rights. I have been learning so much about research methods, community organizing, public policy - and how this all effects the health and safety of my communities. So far my papers and projects explored decriminalization of sex work, pornography testing methods and condom mandates, consent, and transgender health. I am incredibly excited about how this will encourage my abilities as an educator and activist. I feel very lucky  for the opportunity to process these topics in an academic setting with a cohort of students that I respect and adore.

In honor of my second semester, I have made a fun and filthy treat for you. I created some academic themed smut for your viewing pleasure. I have XXX photo sets, video that has a wet, creamy, squirting ending, dirty school girl panties, and fun scholastic activities -  available for you to purchase. All proceeds will go to making this smart slut, even smarter. Enjoy the content and thanks for your support!

*I will be writing the names of all my supporters on the back of my school notebook and circling it with a big heart!*

Hot for Teacher - $20
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*These photos will meet the following fetishes: school girl, naughty teacher, braids, pigtails, bows, cotton panties, over the knee socks, girls with glasses, age play, smart slut, books, masturbation, blow job*

Extra Credit - $50
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Online Course - $100
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Detention - $300
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-1 hour spanking session. Have you been naughty? I will make you write your name on the chalkboard then bend you over my knee and spank you until you are squealing with delight or crying in shame. *must be in the Bay Area or willing to travel / accommodate travel expenses*

Spring Break FOREVER! - $400
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- 5, 1 hour Skype Cam Sessions. Lets take our school time role play to the next level! We could basically give us enough time to recreate a dirty(er) version of Saved By the Bell. I’ll play Kelly Kapowski, who do you want to be? Zach, Slater, or Mr Belding? *you can actually do anything you want in the Skype shows - you are not contractually obliged to carry out my SBTB fantasies*

Up Late On a School Night - $900+
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Anonymous asked: White privilege is glorifying syphilis.

Alright. I don’t think educating myself and others, and writing about syphilis in a reachable/entertaining way is by any means glorifying the disease or diminishes the severity syphilis use to have. 

Anonymous asked: Great see you at CKMT and it was my pleasure to help you get out of that tight space I was hoping maybe that makes me worthy for a sexxxy autographed pic ?

I’m not sure what CKMT is…but if you helped me out of a tight spot, thank you :)

Anonymous asked: are you going to be actively doing skinvideo shows?

I am. I’m actually about to shower and get on @skinvideo today :)

nakedgardenernipplesucked asked: I am a male who likes his nipples sucked and licked .OK?

Ok. Um…I’m happy for you? Congratulations? *start exciting male nipple parade now*