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Your Queer Cupid Shuffle


Queer Porn Viewing Party @ The New Parkway, and After Party @ Bench + Bar, Oakland 12.5.2013


Pretty pretties from Gonzales Lingerie


I’m looking for an assistant to help me launch a new and improved clips for sale store. I have tons of content and constantly making more. I want to focus on making my kinky smut and have someone else (you) create my platform and upload my content.
Skills Desired:
-Simple video editing skills
-Clips4sale navigation
-Know how to share/upload video
-Affiliate program knowledge
-Calming/cheery disposition
-Professional, organized, and reliable
*Bonus Points for graphic design ability, web design skills, and knowing tricks that I don’t!
This is a great opportunity to get involved with indie online adult content distribution, and work with me on making the world a lovelier and smuttier place! Other types of skill sharing/mentoring about porn, kink,event producing, live sex show creating, sex education, sex worker activism, etc is also a possibility.
Please note that this is not a full time or even a part time gig. Hours are flexible and can vary week to week. You must be comfortable working primarily (not totally) on commission. You do not necessarily have to be located in the Bay Area.
Please email me at - tell me a bit about yourself and your mad skills.
Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous asked: Does your pussy get stretch out bc of what you do?

This is an idiotic question that I will entertain with an intelligent answer for educational reasons only.
“Stretched out pussy” is some fucked up myth that the patriarchy made up to shame and control women’s sexuality. The vagina is filled with muscle tissue that is incredibly elastic. This is all surrounded by the pelvic floor muscle. The more you use any muscle the stronger and tighter is gets, the vagina included. You can only “stretch” any muscle if you tear something - having sex or masturbating is not injuring or tearing your muscle tissue.
My vagina is like an Olympic athlete: super strong and constantly getting me gold and silver shiny things. So go fuck off and learn some anatomy.

ms-pickles1 asked: In response to you Folsom question, I had an older gentleman ask me if he could like and kiss my butt cheeks and a random women decide she could hit my breasts with a balloon. I thought it was odd but we did have to say things a few times to people visiting our booth about propositioning our girls.

Thanks for sharing. I’m still hoping to get a bunch of “ASK FIRST” panties and stickers out there for next year.


So I had a blast for the short time I was at Folsom yesterday. There was so many fun, attractive, kinky people, performances, and spectators. I wore very little clothing (see photo), as many people at Folsom do, and I was astonished / actually not very surprised at the amount of people who felt that they had permission to grab and touch my body, specifically my ass and breasts - straight men, gay men, couples, and also women. I’ve been talking about consent and how dominant culture privilege affects how it feels, and how one responds when some one touches you with out permission.
I am curious how other people experienced this at Folsom yesterday and how you handled it? #askfirst

Anonymous asked: what is your favorite color?

I don’t have a favorite color. But I like red lipstick, white nail polish, blue jackets and green notebooks a lot.