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Wholesome Folsom Fun.


We are oh-so excited to plaster the Folsom street fair with ASK FIRST stickers and temporary tattoos! Look for our amazing volunteers passing them out to the crowd OR stop by Wicked Grounds Cafe on 8th street and Isabelle Dressler’s Polaroid photo booth and pick some up. See you at the fair!
Hot kissy face Davina Darling repping @consentmatters with the babely Lola McCall in photo one xo


Last month shut down. I wanted to take a moment to commemorate the end of Skin Video because was a really important part of my career. In 2010 Billy Castro convinced this new pornlette that webcamming was something I would be really good at….also he said he would buy me Thai food and ice cream if I joined Skin Video and tried it out. So I naively logged into a world of boobies, BBs, and tokens and everything in my life changed. On cam is where I first honed many of my kinky skills. This is where I first tried most sex toys and all-star sexual acts:
Double Penetration? Sure!
Electric Cattle Prods? Ya, I’ll try that!
Wonder Woman role-play? Yep, I already have the cape!
Put ginger and ice cubes…where? Uh ok, that’s interesting….
A 14 inch dildo up my ass? No way, go fuck yourself.
This job which was part talk show host, part sexual ninja, part sex educator/therapist piqued my interest. Working at SV is what opened the door and made it possible for me to become a full time sex worker.

My very first week I started meeting some of the same regular clients that I still have today <3. We had some amazing times: dirty dice games, shower shows, hitachi magic, late night fisting shows, Sinners Church on Sunday Morning (so much cum-union), dirty bedtime stories, so much sploshing, Fuck-Mary-Kill game, room cleaning shows, you all got to know Kitty, XXX Country camming, hitachi karaoke, so many clothes pins, plus soooooo much squirting!

When I was having a rough time in the webcam world, SV was the first company to step up and make me a substantial business offer so I could keep camming. So I exclusively cammed there for the past 2.5 years, I will always be super grateful to Kathleen at Skin Video for that support. Plus Kathleen was one of the most professional, organized, and peachy people I have ever worked with in the sex industry. <3 

Webcamming has been the hardest sex work job I’ve ever had. I spent almost half of my waking life in 2010-13 on camera. Living on the internet can be a very strange thing…but *most* of you made it very interesting, exciting, lovely, and always memorable. I haven’t cammed to much this past year, there have been other projects and business to focus on, but am incredibly grateful for the love and support I had during my cam career. RIP Skin Video, you will be missed, appreciated, and always remembered. Tokens forever.




The ASK FIRST Campaign and Tumblr was created to promote awareness and consensual behavior in all sexy, kinky, party, and public spaces. Consent is a mutual and enthusiastic agreement to participate. It is not only your responsibility to GIVE consent, it is also your responsibility to GET…


Walls and lips painted blue.

It still smells fresh.

The bluest and hottest!


Amazing Collages by ffoart (Artist on tumblr)

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Always get the money first! Newbie sex worker problems.

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Some of my favorites from my shoot with Iris Triska. Bookings through

Anonymous asked: Don't be ableist. The duck/horse question is a meme.

How am I being ableist? Ya, it’s a meme from reddit …it is also dumb to ask someone that unless they are an enlisted duck or a horse.